Our Journey & Values

Megaphase started its journey in 2000, on a small premise in the sunny and vibrant city of Durban. Megaphase’s owners, Philip and Colleen, however, had worked in the electrical and mechanical supply industry for 3 decades between them prior to Megaphase’s founding. Driven by a passion to start a new business that would place customers at the centre of its offerings, the duo conceived of Megaphase as an industry player that would achieve what competitors couldn’t: a large electrical and mechanical wholesaler that would be able to supply customers with everything that they needed to successfully complete a project at low cost, from start to finish.

We have more than 20 years experience in the electrical industry, assuring you of the best advice, and after-sales support possible.

Moving to a large warehouse premises in Pretoria’s Waltloo area in 2013, the vision for Megaphase had been fully realised. Over the years, the wholesaler’s reputation has grown in prestige, and a wide variety of clients from the industrial, commercial and domestic sectors turn to Megaphase for all their electrical and mechanical needs. Given Megaphase’s incredible stock inventory and its impressive range of products and components, the company has differentiated itself from the crowd by becoming the industry’s true “one stop shop”.

Megaphase’s core value is an unwavering commitment to achieving and maintaining trust-based relationships with all its customers, large and small, which includes not only high quality products at affordable prices, but technical advice and guidance that can be fully relied upon to produce consistently great results. This ensures that our clients’ businesses earn outstanding reputations too, and that they themselves may continue to grow and fully realise the potential they each have. In this regard, our clients’ success is our success, and we measure our performance and impact by this metric.

Our technical talent team enjoys the benefit of having an enormous amount of industry experience, placing us in a sound position to make certain that our supplies always meet the demands and standards required by our customers. Indeed, our expert knowledge, advice and willingness to meet each unique customer’s specific needs have resulted in our services being enlisted throughout South Africa and beyond. Megaphase’s international clients include businesses in both Botswana and Swaziland, and we look forward to furthering the development of factories and commercial property on the Mother Continent in future endeavours.

Additionally, we are deeply aware of many of the challenges facing professionals and business owners in the built environment, especially those created by cash-flow difficulties. In order to assist our customers in keeping their productivity levels high, even in tough economic times, we open accounts and provide credit facilities.

For further information, enquiries and quotes, please feel free to contact us. Alternatively, if you are based in Pretoria, visit our warehouse at 336 Alwyn Street, Waltloo. We hope to meet you soon!


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