Automation Products: Timers, Process Control, Power Monitors, Liquid Level Controllers, Time Switches, Counters, Replays & Bases and Solid State Relays

Level Control & Pumps: Float Switches, Level Sensors, Flow Switches, Irrigation Controllers, Pressure Switches, Swimming Pool Products and Pumps & Solar Pumps

Power Supplies, Transformers & UPS: Transformers, Variacs, Regulated Power Supplies, DC-DC Converters, Batteries & Battery Chargers, UPS’s, AVR’s and Power Managers/Voltage Protectors

Solar: Solar Lighting Kits, Batteries & Solar Charge Controllers, Solar Panels, Combiner Boxes, On-Grid & Off-Grid Inverters, Home Systems & DC Isolators

Motor Control & Motors: Soft Starters, Variable Speed Drivers, Motor Protection, Motor Starters Contactors, Overloads, Single & 3 Phase Motors

Circuit Breakers, Fuses & Switchgear: Ready Boards, Circuit Breakers (MCB & MCCB), Air Circuit Breakers, Isolators, Change Over Switches & Fuse Protection

Pushbuttons & Pilot Lights: Pushbuttons, Pilot Lights, Legend Plates, Lamps, Enclosures for Pushbuttons, Rocker & Toggle Switches

Terminals, Insulators & Copper: Din Rail, Terminal Blocks, Insulators, Busbars, Copper & Wire

Surge & Noise Protection: Surge Protection Devices, Lightning Protection, Line Filters & MOV’s

Instruments & Telemetry: Panel Meters, Current Transformers, Networks Analysers, Energy Meters, PLC’s, Telemetry Systems, Modbus Interfaces, Signal Isolators/Transmitters and Genset Controllers

Capacitors & PFC: Motor & Lighting Capacitors, Power Factor Controllers, Harmonic Filters, PFC Capacitors and Complete PFC Systems

Temperature Controls: Thermostats, Temperature Controllers, Temperature Probes, Temperature & Humidity Control, Refrigeration Controllers and Solare Water Heating Controllers

Crane & Vehicle Controls: Wired Pendant Stations, Wireless Remote Crane Controls, Worm Drive Limit Switches, DC Contactors and Slip Rings (Collectors)

Limit & Pressure Switches & Sensors: Pheumatic equipment, Solenoid Valves, Gauges, Pressure Transmitters, Pressure Switches, Limit Switches, Proximity Sensors and Safety Systems

Audio & Visual Alarms: Speakers, PA Systems, Fire Protection, Sounders, Beacons, Sirens and Tower Lights

Automotive: Traffic Lights, Light Bars, DC Worklights, LED & HID Auto Lamps, Solar Road Marking, Aviation Obstacle Lights & Marine Navigation Lights

Hazardous Areas & Mining: Robust & Explosion Proof Lighting, Enclosures, Limit Switches, Control Stations, Starters, Gulley Boxes, Beacons & Sounders and Telephones

Test Instruments & Tolls & Gensets: Test Instruments, Power Quality Analysers, Measuring Equipment & Tools, Tool Boxes, Hand Tools, Power Tools, Step Ladders, Welders, Generators and Ladders

Wiring Accessories & Silux: Sockets & Switches, Plug Tops & Adaptors, Extension Cords, Cable Connectors & Joints, Cable Marking, Cable Routing Systems, Wiring Consumables, Adhesives and Sprays

Electronics: Terminals, Heatsinks, LED’s, Rectifiers, Appliance Plugs & Sockets and Multi-Pole Connectors

Enclosures & Fittings: Panel Locks & Hingers, Safety Lockout, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel & Plastic Enclosures & Distribution Boards, Kiosks, Meter Boxes and 19” Racks

Gewiss: Enclosures & Distribution Boards, Conduit, Isolators, IEC309 Plugs & Sockets, Circuit Breakers, Chorus & 20 System Sockets, Switches, Intercom Systems and Lighting

Lighting: Highbays, Flood Lights, Street Lights, Domestic & Commercial Lighting, Decorative Lighting, LED, CFL, Discharge & Induction Light Sources

Fans, Bug Killers & hygiene: Ceiling Fans, Domestic & Industrial Fans, Extractor Fans, Heaters, Underfloor Heating, Insect Killers, Hygiene Products, Instant Water Heaters, Taps and Water Dispensers

Security: Smart Security Systems, Intercoms & Access Control Systems, Alarm Systems, Camera & Recording Systems, Gate Motors & Electric Fencing

Digital Video Systems: TV & Satellite Equipment & Accessories, Networking Equipment, Coaxial Cable & Connectors, Commercial Hospitality Video Systems, Optic Fibre Tools & Accessories


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